The Pharmaelle Company

Who is Pharmaelle

As a company, Pharmaelle strongly focuses its attention on the patient to ensure real answers to his clinical needs. All of this is possible thanks to thorough research in the field of applied therapy, to the researchers' specialized skills and the use of certified and guaranteed raw materials that, when combined, is what makes Pharmaelle a brand of excellence.

Pharmaelle's constant commitment through its own research team and its complete dedication in the field of diseases, such as Adrenoleukodystrophy and Cystic fibrosis, has led to developing a portfolio that includes unique and innovative products whose aim is to improve patients' living conditions.
Despite this important milestone, at Pharmaelle, we strive daily to broaden our understanding of diseases in order to develop new products that can offer real and significant benefits to patients. We are focusing on the therapeutic areas of genetically transmitted diseases, which to date represent one of the most complex challenges for science, in order to continue to be a point of reference for Doctors and for Patients.

Pharmaelle is daily committed to another great challenge: its fight against obesity, one of the fastest growing diseases. Thus, we have created Barilife® excellence in nutritional management for patients recovering from bariatric surgery.

Pharmaelle promotes several socially responsible activities that bear witness to our commitment towards the community. One such example is the ALD Care Project which plans for support towards the Italian Association for Adrenoleukodystrophy.

Investments on research and development


New Food supplements for Special Medical Purposes registered in 2016

New items in the Barilife product line



Customers are always our point of reference and their needs are our goal which we reach by finding solutions and providing personalized services.


The constant innovation in our product line results from a careful and continued activity in research and development.


Each of our actions responds to precise guidelines and each of our staff members has the skills as well as the professional and technical skills that allow us to continuously raise the quality standard.


Accountability, attention and listening are the cornerstone on which we build relationships with our partners, be they customers, suppliers or general contacts.


One of our objectives is to constantly improve the quality of our products and services.