Questions and insights

The main questions about Pharmaelle products

11. Why is it important to take micro and macronutrient supplements after the bariatric surgery?
All the types of bariatric surgery (non-absorbent and restrictive) determine a profound change in the absorption methods of proteins, vitamins and mineral salts: in all cases, the body is not able to absorb these elements in the correct quantities.
This is why it is very important “helping” your organism stay healthy, integrating the micro and macronutrients specifically formulated for your new needs.
22. How should I take the sublingual tablet of Barilife bidodici mille?
The Barilife bidodici mille tablet should be placed under the tongue, where it will dissolve within 30 seconds; its formulation is so effective that only one tablet per week is enough (unless indicated otherwise by the doctor)
Attention: the Barilife bidodici mille tablet must not be swallowed.
33. I am following a vegan diet: are Barilife bidodici mille and Cobaxil B12 right in my case?
Absolutely yes! Our vitamin B12 has a bacterial origin, so it is 100% suitable for the vegan diet.
44. I have a problem swallowing the tablets, what can I do?
All of our tablets, except for those sublingual Barilife bidodici mille and Cobaxil B12 mille, can be reduced to powder and added to the food allowed, or they can be broken in half or again chewed together with small amounts of food.
55. How can i take the Barilife Protein?
Microfiltered whey proteins present in Barilife Proteins boast a unique and exceptional versatility: they are instantly soluble in all liquids, hot or cold, and its neutral taste allows their use in sweet or salty dishes.
Attention: it is not recommended the use of very hot drinks (tea or milk): wait for them to cool before adding Barilife Proteins.
66. I am lactose intolerant: can I use the same Barilife Protein?
Certainly. The innovative microfiltration process is able to reduce the lactose content present in Barilife Proteins up to 1%.

Questions about buying products

11. Do I have to register on the site to proceed with the purchase?
It is not necessary to register to our e-commerce to proceed with the purchase: it will be enough to insert your necessary data to conclude and receive your order.
22. How can I pay my order?
Buying on our e-commerce is simple and safe.
You can pay for your order using the main types of cards: Visa, Maestro, Carta Aura, Discover, MasterCard, American Express.
33. How many products do I have to buy to use the discounts?
Saving has never been so simple and immediate!
  • immediate 10% discount if you buy two products
  • immediate 20% discount if you buy three products
  • immediate 30% discount if you buy four or more products.
  • 44. Is shipping included in the total of the order?
    Shipping charges are not included in the total of the order but are calculated based on the delivery address. For orders over 25 euros shipping is free.
    55. How long does it take to receive my package?
    Our shipping service is fast and safe: we guarantee delivery throughout Italy within 1-2 working days from the date of order.