Ellesider ®
Integratore a base di Ferro microincapsulato, acido Folico, Vitamina C e Rame. | Ellesider ®

Ellesider ®

It is a supplement based on microencapsulated Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin C and Copper.

How to use: Take 1 tablet per day or as advised by physician. Packaging: 60 chewable tablets

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What is Ellesider® and what is it for?

ELLESIDER® is indicated for deficiency in Iron and Folic Acid, for increased levels of homocysteine in the blood and for skin-related disorders.

What is in Ellesider®?

Ellesider®provides the right quantity of Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin C and Copper. It contains 30 mg of microencapsulated Iron, developed with the most advanced nanotechnology. This technology conveys Iron through nanospheres of lipid droplets that are immediately assimilated even in the case of duodenum resection or in altered states of absorption. Using nanotechnology also makes Ellesider® highly tolerable. Indeed, by preventing free iron from coming into contact with gastric mucosa, Ellesider® protects the body from the irritating effect that characterizes the more readily available iron-based supplements on the market.
Iron is an indispensable element for our body; its main function is to produce hemoglobin and myoglobin, important proteins for the correct oxygenation of tissues. Iron contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolism; to the growth of all of our organism's tissues; and, to the development and functioning of the nervous system. As such, then, it is also involved in the maintenance of cognitive and psychological capacities. Some common symptoms in Iron deficiency are headaches, palpitations, neuralgia, increased susceptibility to infection and irritability.
Folic Acid or Vitamin B9 is important for cell growth and cell replication; for protein and DNA synthesis, and for homocysteine metabolism. The most frequent signs of Vitamin B9 deficiency are due to a morpho-functional alteration in the maturation of red blood cells (megaloblastic anemia), and to increased levels of homocysteine in the blood, which can lead to increased cardiovascular risk factors.
The addition of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, helps to combat oxidative stress. Moreover, the protected form of Vitamin C guarantees better bioavailability. Lastly, Copper allows Ellesider® to enhance the activity of the antioxidant mechanisms and the immune system, and thus prevents cell ageing and the onset of infections. Moreover, combined with Vitamin C, Copper promotes the maintenance of connective tissues, preventing dermatological disorders (hair loss, loss of skin elasticity, brittle nails).

How to take Ellesider®

Dosage and how to use: The recommended dose of Ellesider® is 1 tablet per day or as advised by physician. The Ellesider® tablet can be chewed or swallowed with a glass of water /0,25 L.

How to store Ellesider®

Store in a cool, dry place, protected from sunlight and direct heat sources. Do not discard container into the environment. Keep out of the reach of children under three years of age.

Other information

Warnings: supplements are not intended as substitutes for a varied diet; do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Sugar, yeast and gluten free.

Ellesider® description and package contents

Ellesider® comes in chewable tablets. Package holds 60 tablets of 900 mg. each.


Siderami® (microencapsulated Iron pyrophosphate) 30 mg, Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) 400 mcg, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C protected) 70 mg, Copper gluconate 2 mg, Citric Acid, Caking Agent: Magnesium stearate, Aerosil 200, Croscaramellose sodium; Sweeteners: Mannitol, Sucralose, Acesulfame K; Aromas: Strawberry, Raspberry.